The growing concern for pollution control in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry coupled with the new wave of efficiency has occasioned changes in the governance structure in most of the operating companies, resulting in having a desk officer responsible for Waste Management. It is a great deviation from history and may also be a response to the growing complexities of waste streams and associated management issues. This to a reasonable extent has evidently recognized Waste Management profession in the industry.

The Waste Management Society of Nigeria in recognition of the need to build technical capacity in this regard has developed this course to adequately grow knowledge and skill in people who can meet the need of the Industry. This course therefore is a specialized training of three levels aimed at exposing participants to:

  • Waste Management principles, systems, and procedures;
  • Industrial process of Oil & Gas Industry;
  • Waste profile of Oil & Gas Industry;
  • Legal framework of Oil & Gas Industry Waste Management;
  • Oil & Gas Industry Waste minimization strategies; and
  • Oil & Gas Industry Waste treatment Technology.

The course is designed to accommodate people without prior basic knowledge in waste management. In this respect therefore, Level 1 of the course is focused on the fundamentals of waste management, Oil & Gas industrial process and associate waste streams.  Level 2 covers Legal framework for waste management in the industry, applicable waste minimization strategies, and specific treatment and disposal technologies available to the industry.  Completion of the 2 levels of this course shall enhance knowledge and skills for:

  • Waste strategy/plan development,
  • Waste Contract/project management,
  • Waste Contract placement / procurement
  • Waste audit and risk management.

We sincerely recommend this course to experienced and new graduates desiring Management Supervisory, Advisory position in Oil and Gas industry Waste Management.

Join this revolution wisely through knowledge and be empowered.

Each level is N250, 000.00; both at once is N400, 000.00

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