General Assembly (GA): The highest Organ of the Society made up of all professional and financially up to date members. The main responsibility of the GA is to elect membership of other vital organs.

National Council (NC): Consist of members of the Board of Trustees, National Executive Committee, Regional Coordinators and Chairmen of all Standing Committees with the Administrative Secretary as an Observer.

National Executive Committee (NEC): Made of President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, National Secretary, Technical Secretary., Financial Secretary., Treasurer, Publicity Secretary, and 4 Ex-Officio Members including the Immediate Past President.

National Secretariat (NS): It has full time and part time staff that coordinate the activities and implement policies of the Society. The Administrative Secretary, who is a full time staff, directs and manages the National Secretariat

Regional Executive Committee (REC): This is the policy driver at the regional level and consist of the Regional Coordinators, Councillors and National Executive Members in the region.

College of Councillor (CoC): It is the rule making organ of the Society and is made up  of all State Councillors and their respective Secretaries. The 1st Vice President chairs the meeting.

Technical Committee (TC): This is the technical engine of the Society that develops technical guidance, consultation positions and policies of the Society. It is headed by the 2nd Vice President and  includes Chairmen of all Technical Working Groups with the National Technical Secretary as the Secretary.

State Executive Council (SEC): This is the policy driver at the State level and consists of the Executives and others as the Council deems it fit to incorporate as Ex-officio members in the State. However, all National officers in the State shall be among the Ex-officio members.