Our Code of Conducts


  • Members shall conduct their activities and operations in accordance with best practices to ensure environmental integrity.
  • Members shall implore their knowledge and skill in waste management for the sustenance of ecological resources and public safety.
  • Members shall endeavour to enhance the body of knowledge in Waste and Resources Management.


  • It is mandatory for members to continuously develop their professional and personal qualities during their career through maintenance, improvement and acquisition of knowledge and skill required for their practice.
  • Members shall meet the minimum CPD rating to sustain their membership status.
  • Members are required to encourage juniors to professionally develop and when necessary grant juniors internship


  • Members shall undertake activities and operation they have required   capacity and competence to execute.
  • Members shall be responsible, transparent and objective in all their relationship with: members, clients and public.
  • Members shall at all times conduct themselves in professional manner that will not bring the Society to disrepute.
  • It is compulsory for members to participate in appropriate Society activities and such, shall be to enhance the development of the Society